SPU Manila 2017 Strategic Planning

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Share, perform, unite, and make it happen!

Date: June 21, 2017Posted by: MARIDEL T. NEGRADAS

Top and middle administrators participated in the Strategic Planning Session held on 5-6 June 2017 in the 2/F HRM Training Center. The session was facilitated by Mr. Xavier Alpasa, chief strategist, Xavier & Associates.

The objective of the two-day planning session was to pursue a three-year Strategic Plan for SY 2017-2020 for SPU Manila that is aligned with the St. Paul of Chartres Education Ministry (SPCEM) directions; align personal goals; address operational concerns; and crowdsource ideas and involve key stakeholders.

Dr. Ma. Encarnacion Dychangco, Vice President for Academic Services and outgoing Planning and Quality Assurance Director, presented the summary of accomplishment reports for each Key Result Area (KRA) of the Balanced Score Card (BSC).

The result of the evaluation of the BSC as a performance management tool was presented by Ms. Maridel Negradas as the incoming Planning and Quality Assurance Manager.

In preparation for the planning sessions, the participants were requested to share what inspired them to be part of the Paulinian community. They were also asked to share their thoughts and desires as to how Paulinians live out the SPU Manila Mission.

The exercise was followed by a workshop. The members were divided based on the number of KRAs: (1) Paulinian Formation Program, (2) Quality Teaching and Learning Systems, (3) Value-Innovated Programs and Services, and (4) Good Governance and Stewardship.

The outputs were presented by each group and critiqued by the body. The final output will serve as the Strategic Plan of SPU Manila for SY 2017–2020.

To conclude the two-day strategic planning session, the body formulated a tagline which will hopefully inspire all stakeholders of SPU Manila to be true to their Paulinian mission: “Share, perform, unite and make it happen!"