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Date: August 4, 2017Posted by: Marionette Martinez

The 10 pioneer students of the Senior High School Program in St. Paul University Manila were graduated in simple commencement rites in the Fleur-de-lis Theater on 29 July 2017. The students took the ICT Computer Service Track.

Sr. Ma. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, University President, shares:

It was in August 2015 when SPU Manila opened the pilot class. Graduates of 4th Year HS who had the means to go to college had already enrolled in their own school of choice. We invited other teenagers and even young adults to enroll in SHS in SPU Manila and 13 of them enlisted. The youngest was 17 and the eldest was 34. One was married and was the bread winner of his family.

Since this was a pilot class, they did not have to pay anything. Thanks to the college professors who volunteered to teach for free. Thanks to those who offered to buy their uniforms, books, and school supplies. Thanks to those who provided them with free meals because some of them did not have the luxury of a daily allowance. They had to balance between school and their jobs in order to survive. Despite all odds, 10 of them persevered and made it to this day.

Kudos to the first batch of Senior High School graduates of St. Paul University Manila! We are very proud of them. Equipped with a strong holistic Paulinian education, the 10 of them are now ready to enter the world of work.