SPU Manila attends SPUS Workshop on OBE in Surigao

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Contributed by Dr. Ma. Encarnacion A. Dychangco

Date: April 25, 2018Posted by: Marionette Martinez

St. Paul University Surigao hosted another OBE Workshop for the SPU system schools on 19-20 February 2018. The facilitator of the workshop was no other than the renowned OBE expert, Dr. Bill Spady.

The theme of the workshop, “Towards Implementation of the OBE SPU System-Wide: A Seminar-Workshop with Dr. Bill Spady,” was meant to integrate the SPC Life Performance Outcomes, finalized in previous sessions, into the 2018 curriculum, while aligning the outcomes with the CMOs.

The attendees from SPU Manila were Dr. Ma. Encarnacion A. Dychangco (VP-Academic Services) and Ms. Maridel T. Negradas (Manager, Planning and Quality Assurance).

The take-home points for the attendees were: (1) there is need to ensure the harmony and integration of the CMOs as per program and course outcomes and the SPC Life Performance Outcomes and (2) all the 25 PGAs must be clear in terms of focus and communication.

Echoing of the inputs was done in a faculty development session on 26 February 2018.