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Date: February 22, 2019Posted by: Marionette Martinez

One of the best ways to measure the effectivity of an educational institution is to look at its graduates: whether they have lived out the vision-mission of the school. Our Founder, Louis Chauvet said, “"I have no greater blessing than to hear my daughters walk in the truth," and certainly this wish cascades down to the students in the care of the SPC Sisters.

In this issue, we are presenting three alumnae who are living out the school’s motto, “Caritas Christi Urget Nos” in their own ways.

Joy Ruiz-Molleston

Dr. Joy Ruiz-Molleston (High School 1968) has recently opened a rehabilitation center for drug and other dependents called Moscati Meadows in Laur, Nueva Ecija.
Following is a newspaper account of the center and its founder:

by Genalyn Kabiling

LAUR, Nueva Ecija – Hope is not lost for the people addicted to shabu and other illegal drugs.

According to Dr. Joy Ruiz-Molleston, drug addicts could still be given a second chance in life through proper treatment and rehabilitation.

“We never lose hope, at least for me. I never lose hope on a person,” Molleston, an addictionologist and founder of Moscati Meadows Residential Treatment Facility to be inaugurated by President Duterte Wednesday, said in a media interview here.
“If you detox them and treat them appropriately, for us, in the United States, the success rate is 40 percent… When you detox a person let’s say three to seven days, you let the shabu come out of their system,” she said.

She affirmed that a drug addict could not be considered a lost cause, adding she has known many who have recovered and even returned to school and found new careers.

“In fact, a lot of my counselors used to be stimulant addicts; they’re in recovery now. They don’t use anymore; they become therapists. They go to school, finish college, have masters,” she said. She made the remark when asked about her view on the President’s sentiment on drug addicts. Duterte previously said when a person becomes addicted to shabu, rehabilitation was no longer a viable option. He insisted that drugs would adversely affect a person’s brain and could compel users to harm other people, including their loved ones.

Molleston said the new facility, located in a family lot in Nueva Ecija, provides world-class treatment to all kinds of addiction, especially drug and alcohol, geared toward the beliefs of Christianity. The rehabilitation center, dubbed “The Healing Haven,” has treatment activities with prayer, yoga, and meditation. It provides a six-month evidence-based treatment modality found in the United States including drug court expertise, telemedicine, trauma therapy, among others.

"MOSCATI MEADOWS was born out of a need for a more holistic type of treatment. Our mission is to provide full-circle rehabilitation of the addicted person, and includes case management for productivity and employment, a first in Asia, and possibly one of the few in the world. We are spiritually driven, believing that everyone will find fulfillment in ministry and that we were created for a good purpose. Let's bring out that purposeful life in you. Come to Moscati Meadows!" - Dr. Joy Ruiz-Molleston