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St. Paul College Pasig celebrates Sr. Dedicacion's birthday

Date: November 18, 2019Posted by: Marionette Martinez

St. Paul University Manila celebrates the birthday of Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, University President, today, 18 November 2019.

Today is also the birthday of Sr. Dedicacion Rosario, SPC, Directress of St. Paul College Pasig.

This is a good opportunity to reprise a short sharing from Sr. Evangeline about her and Sr. Dedicacion:

On the very same night at about the same time that my mother delivered me to this world, there was another baby girl who also had just been born. She grew up as a Paulinian just as I did. She speaks Ilocano just as I do.

Who would ever have thought that 25 years later, that other baby and I would meet in the nunnery. We both entered the SPC Congregation in the same year. We were surprised to find out that we had identical brand of things: umbrella, pencil, bag, etc. We may differ in our opinion but we have remained very good friends. Thirty-two years after we entered, we are still here as friends; though we don’t see each other often, we know each one of us cares for the other like real twin sisters.

Happy birthday dearest Twin! Luv ya! Let’s enjoy our day!