National Book Month 2016

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Contributed by:Christina P. Ramos

Date: November 7, 2016Posted by: Staff T. Library

November is book month. In observance of the National Book Month and Book Week (November 24-30, 2016), the SPU Manila Library mounted a curated mini-exhibit in the Library. We displayed a collection of newly acquired books with the latest copyright.

There are three ways to celebrate books this month. One is to go to the library and borrow two to three books and read them; another is to buy a book; and the third is to write a book. There are many benefits of reading, such as improving imagination, increasing intelligence, boosting brainpower, building vocabulary, increasing productivity, improving cultural diversity and social cohesion and economic empowerment.

In celebration of the National book Month, why not head down to the library or bookstore and spread the love of reading!