ABMC conducts series of events in ComFest

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By Miguel Luis Nera

Date: March 20, 2017Posted by: One Paulinian

In culmination of their Communication Management and Entrepreneurship class, fourth year AB Mass Communication (ABMC) students conducted a series of events in celebration of Communication Festival (ComFest) on October 25- 26, 2016 in SPU Manila.

The whole class was divided into four different corporations: AB Creatives & Production, Blue Corporation, Connectivents Productions, and Dream Team Creatives.

AB Creatives & Production held their event, titled “Your Paulinian Playlist: #HugotForACause," in the Viewing Room on the first day . Jerish Rodriguez, Kris Cazin, and Jena Venida played music while Leandro Reyes and SPU Manila faculty, Dr. Jerome Cleofas, performed spoken word poetry.

The other three corporations held their events on the next day. Connectivents Productions organized an inter-college pageant, “Mr. and Ms. Perfect Strangers 2016,” and sold drawstring bags for only P100 at the University Quadrangle.

Jean Luc Dinglasan and Kylee Masilongan, both from the College of Music and the Performing Arts (CMPA), were named Mr. and Ms. Perfect Strangers. First runners-up were Mari Antonio Calimbahin from the College of Business and Management (CBM) and Allyson Kaith Ortega from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Second runners-up were Tristan Jordan De Gula from CAS and Renzie Granados from CBM.

Both representatives from CBM--Calimbahin and Granados--were given the “People’s Choice Award.” “Darlings of the Crowd” were Dinglasan from CMPA and Jesusa Niña Labasan from the College of Education (COE) while CBM’s Calimbahin and CMPA’s Masilongan were awarded “Best in Casual Wear.” The panel of judges consisted of SPU Manila faculty and staff: Dr. Brian Bantugan, Francis Calilan, and Loti Abad.

Titled “Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagmake-up,” Blue Corporation's event had Ishay Riva and Kaye Coloquio conducting a make-up tutorial in the Founder’s Hall.

Last but not the least, Dream Team Creatives introduced “10 Minutes: Solve, Engage, Escape, Survive,” an escape room inspired by Mystery Manila, in Room 422.

Some of the earnings during this year’s ComFest were donated to the Community Development Center for their Share-A-Meal Program.