Peculiar Family Stars in Malik-laya Year 3

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For the past few weeks, Paulinians were greeted by various frightening encounters – missing posters spread across the campus, haunting prints filled with nystery, and a chilling presence hidden insid

Date: March 22, 2020Posted by: One Paulinian

By Christopher Go | Photos by Zara Kacey Gozon and Migui Francisco

For the past few weeks, Paulinians were greeted by various frightening encounters – missing posters spread across the campus, haunting prints filled with nystery, and a chilling presence hidden inside the Founder’s Hall as candles hang from the ceiling and horrifying artworks accentuated the walls.
But the dark and eerie-themed display was all a build-up for the Malik-Laya variety and talent show of Grade 12 Arts and Design Track 2 students with the theme entitled “Sabbatum the 7th Day” held last December 12, 2019, at the Founder’s Hall.

The variety show followed the story of an art curator touring the audience around the Sabbatum Manor, an abandoned mansion once inhabited by a family with seven children. Each child were bestowed with magnificent powers, but were likewise cursed with harrowing effects upon using their powers. The theme drew inspiration from fantasy film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and web television series Umbrella Academy for the overall vibe of the production.
“Yung ‘Sabbatum’ na title ng production, which means rest day in Latin, is a word play na naisip namin since napansin namin na may sterotype na lagi na lang daw walang ginagawa AADT, so pinagalan namin siyang ‘Sabbatum’ para ironic siya, (The production’s title ‘Sabbatum,’ which means rest day in Latin, is a wordplay we came up with as an offshoot of a common stereotype among AADT students that they often barely work or study. So we decided to name the play ‘Sabbatum’ to make is sound ironic.)” Migui Francisco, a member of the cast, explained.
The show was directed by Lourince Madridano together with his Assistant Director Eros Antonio. Throughout the play, the class showcased a variety of talents including singing, acting, filmmaking, music, poetry and fashion design, through the powers of the seven children.
For instance, Dominic Legacion who played the role of Theresa Sabbatum, possessed the power of manifesting anyone’s personality perfectly, an ability related to a key skill in the performing arts. Migui Francisco, known as Felipe Sabbatum in the film, meanwhile had the power to manipulate time frames which correlates to his craft in filmmaking. Nathalie Hibek, on the other hand, took on the role of Lolita Sabbatum and wielded power to control people with her words, which is a visible connection to Spoken Poetry.

The performance left the audience in awe of the artworks, performances, and videos that were presented. However, according to the director, the intention of the team was to showcase and promote the arts through creative and unique expression.

“Kung sining talaga ang passion nila, kung yun talaga ang sinusunod ng puso nila, ipaglaban nila, wag silang magpapatalo sa mga mabababa ang tingin sa kanila, ipakita nila at patunayan nila mali yung katagang "wala kang mapapala diyan sa arts, wala kang kikitain diyan" dahil sa sining malaya sila,(If art is their passion and heart’s desire, they should fight for it. They shouldn’t let others look down at the profession. They should show others and prove to them that the phrase ‘you can’t get anything out of the arts because it does not pay much’ is a misnomer, because art can set them free),” Madridano said.

Malik-Laya is an annual variety show and project of Arts and Design Track of St. Paul University Manila, where students from the said track show and express their passion for the Arts through different artistic medium and techniques while carrying varying themes and outputs.
On the other hand, another arts and design class, AADT 1, are currently in the process of preparing for yet another round of Malik-Laya performance slated on the first quarter of 2020. The said showcase likewise intends to highlight another batch of surprising, engaging and mind-blowing presentations.