Alumni Links

• Job Opportunities in SPU Manila

• Jobs 180 is a job site focused on providing a simple but powerful tool to Job Seekers, Employers and Schools. We put innovation to the traditional job site by bringing the Web 2.0 to recruitment using the simplest interface. is more than just a job site. Our vision includes partnering with colleges and universities to help support the employability of our graduating students. According to DOLE statistics, among the unemployed population, more than 50% or 1.4M is comprised of youths from age 15-24 (as of July 2012). This figure is staggering, considering that the total number of college graduates is 500,000 annually. wants to address this issue by helping prepare these kids join the competitive world through our free Marketing ME career orientation program and the school's free access to the GATEW@Y school portal for career insights.

• Hope of Paulinian Education Ablaze (H.O.P.E. ABLAZE)

HOPE Ablaze ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY MANILA aims to consistently provide integral Catholic education, which is marked by academic excellence, research capabilities, and sustainable community development. To this end, the university makes sure that opportunities for Paulinian education are made available not only to those who have the financial capabilities but also to those who are deserving but are economically challenged. To ensure accessibility to Paulinian education, the university has launched the program, Hope of Paulinian Education Ablaze (H.O.P.E. Ablaze). It intends to support the scholarship, faculty research, and community extension projects of St. Paul University Manila.

Recognizing your personal commitment to excellence through education and your generosity in supporting similar programs, we are inviting you to open a scholarship program or support the faculty research and community extension projects under your name in St. Paul University Manila.