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“Malik-Laya” is a two-day show sponsored by the Arts and Design Track showcasing the students' different talents and artworks produced throughout the semester.

Date: August 17, 2019Posted by: One Paulinian

by Maryanne Roldan and Nicole Perez

 “Malik-Laya” was a two-day show sponsored by the Arts and Design Track and held in the Levesville Hall. It was hosted by Claire Anne Rayo and Ronald John Teodosio from HUMSS 3.

 Before the event started, the hall was packed with Senior High students. Paulinians were surely ready to witness the presentation of talents of their school mates.

On 4 October 2018, students from AADT-1 were the first section of the Arts and Design Track to showcase their talents. AADT-1’s concept for their culminating activity was “The Greatest Show Man.” The carnival theme filled every inch of the stage and the hall with loud colors that added spice to their presentation. Jemimah Austria opened the event by showcasing her talent in ballet, with her on point arabesque and chassé making the audience gaze in awe. Jason Marquez gave the audience a jazz feeling with his clarinet skills. Jani Magadia and Madee Raymundo sang one of the original sound track of the greatest showman, “Never Enough” by Loren Allred and OPM songs.

 On 5 October 2018, “Malik-Laya” featured the second portion by the AADT-2. Their show had a “Bohemian” theme, and the event opened with a graceful dance choreography of “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande. They jammed with the Music and the Performing Arts students by singing “Ride Home” and “Kathang- Isip” by Ben & Ben and more. A presentation of the evolution of dance highlighted the changes of dance style through the years. The audience also listened to spoken word poetry performances of Ivan Magbanwa and Beverly Roj Ojo, sang with the Music and Performing Arts students, and swayed with the “Malik-Laya” dance troupes.

The final remarks were delivered by Mr. Rodrigo Sy, who praised the students for the successful presentation. “Malik-Laya” ended with the whole cast singing “Flashlight” together with the audience with their phones flash lighting up the dark hall.

The “Malik-Laya” Year 2 event also had an exhibit showcasing their different talents and the artworks they produced throughout the semester based on their concepts. They also made a renewed architectural model of St. Paul University Manila and put up a photobooth where one could really feel the boho vibes. The exhibit proved how truly talented and creative the students of Arts and Design Track are.

According to Kayla Escalera, the director of AADT-1, everything was made from scratch but with the help of St. Paul Manila’s personnel, the event became a success. Each AADT section created a strong relationship and proved that they were a family. They sacrificed and showed devotion towards putting up a show, as Mr. Sy said. There were failures and technical difficulties, but still they had a successful event.

JM Enrique, the social media director, stated that not all the students in AADT 1 are performers; some of them are introverts too. However, because of this show, those shy students were able to get out of their comfort zones to do something beyond what was expected of them.

Mr. Sy was proud with the outcome of the culminating exam of the AADT students. He was satisfied to see the students deliver a great performance. The whole show and exhibit was indeed a success, and the efforts and sacrifices of the students truly paid off and inspired the incoming AADT students for the next school year.

Till the next “Malik-Laya”!