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Date: September 22, 2019Posted by: Marionette Martinez

SPU Manila observed the First Paulinian Advocacy Week on 16-21 September 2019 with a number of activities, starting with the opening of exhibits on the advocacies of the school.

The Paulinian Advocacies are as follows:
* Prolife
* Social Participation
* Peace Education
* Environmental Stewardship
* Disaster Preparedness
Following are some pictures of the exhibit on Paulinian Advocacies:

One of the activities during the Paulinian Advocacy Week was a forum on the SOGIE Bill.

Following is the welcome remarks of Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, University President for the forum:

We have been celebrating the First Paulinian Advocacy Week, with the theme, “Inspire, Collaborate, Engage,” since Monday. This being the first advocacy week does not mean that we are just beginning to have advocacies—for you all know that SPU Manila has been advocating many causes: Pro-Life, Social Participation, Peace Education, Environmental Stewardship, Disaster Preparedness, among others; as we are well aware that we do not exist in a vacuum, and that it is our mission to help the Earth and all its inhabitants, human and non-human.

Today, we are facing an issue that has come to the fore lately: sexual orientation and gender equality. The issue, which was precipitated by an incidence in a mall restroom, is something we cannot ignore. It has given rise to a bill, the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression), which is being deliberated on in Congress and the Senate. As informed citizens, we should strive to understand the bill and all its implications. We have organized this forum so that all our Paulinian administrators, faculty, staff, and students will know what this bill is all about.

We do not intend to take sides. Some will say, surely, we are against discrimination, but do we need a SOGIE Equality Bill? Others will say, of course we do, for without a law, differently oriented sectors of society are helpless and will continue to be discriminated against. The purpose of our forum today is for us to see clearly all the facets of this bill and its future implications. Which side to take is a decision you alone can make.

So, let us proceed with the discussion that our esteemed invited guests will lead us to—and I hope that however heated the discussion may become and whatever you decide, we can still remain friends and celebrate tomorrow as International Peace Day.

The Paulinian Advocacy Week ended on 21 September 2019, International Peace Day.