SPC schools work hand in hand to reach out to Taal victims

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Where there is love and compassion in the midst of disaster

Date: February 26, 2020Posted by: Marionette Martinez

Contributed by Elvie Manansala

On January 31, 2020, Sr. Teresita Agana, SPC, Head of the St. Paul of Chartres-Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee, called for a meeting to create a Core Team which will discuss possible activities for the Taal victims. Sr. Teresita presented to the group the suggested activities, composed of three phases—Phase 1: Immediate relief distribution to the least assisted; Phase 2: SPC-wide relief operations coupled with Psychological First Aid and Medical Mission; and Phase 3: Extended intervention once families have been relocated or sent back to their place of origin. Prior to the meeting, Sr. Lilia Therese Tolentino, SPC, Provincial Superior, had requested all the SPC schools to support the relief drive through donations in cash or in kind.

On February 15, 2020, some Metro Manila SPC Schools gathered together in SPC Pasig to sort and repack assorted relief goods. The group prepared packs of goods for 134 families. The packs included half sack of rice, shellane gas, gasulito, pail (with canned goods, biscuits and noodles), cooking utensils, toiletries, blanket, mats, water container, hampers, and a box of bottled water. Said items were distributed on February 17, 2020 in Bgy. Puting Bato West, Calaca, Batangas. There were nine SPC schools which participated in the relief operation: St. Paul University Quezon City, SPC Pasig and Fr. Louis Chauvet Foundation, SPC Parañaque, SPC Makati, SPC Balayan, SPC Island Park, SPC San Miguel, Our Lady of Peace School Antipolo, and St. Paul University Manila. SPU Manila was represented by Sr. Joannie Bolisay, SPC (CM), Ms. Elvie Manalansan and Ms. Estee Bustos (CDC), Ms. Mary Day Tolentino (CF), Ms. Rowena Cayanan (Library), Ms. Anne Bungalon (Health Services), Ms. Hyacinth Tudor (GES), Dr. Girlie Guiuan (Marketing), Dr. Amelia Butial (CBM), Jenica Escobar, Danica Soledad, Nicole Tupaz, Lara Vargas, Kristine Ramos, Ian Mae Buceta (CDC Volunteers), Abcy-dee Gonzales, Rica Cejo, Ivy Rose Sadi, Franchesca Hernandez, Marie Von Arquero, Andrew Garcera, and Matthew Turla (PLA Volunteers).

Meanwhile, the Community Development Center also launched an appeal to help the victims. Majority of the goods collected were turned over to SPC Pasig on February 14, 2020 while some were turned over to Sto. Niño de Baseco Parish. Said goods were intended for the fire victims in Baseco on February 5, 2020. Donors and sponsors were the following:

Ms. Nora Lopez (GES), Dr. Portia Vitug (CNAHS), Rolly Alarte (DBA), Mrs. Michelle Go (External), Dr. Marichen Dychangco (VP ACAD.), Ms. Eiden Joy Ramirez (ICT), Ms. Amy Ruth Canlas and Family (Finance), Ms. Estee Bustos (CDC), Ms. Rosel Gallardo (External), Mrs. Grace Ibay (External), Ms. Maril Tolentino (External), Ms. Elvie Manalansan (CDC), Ms. Abee Micah Yanga (Alumna), Ms. Ionna Mendoza (Alumna), Ms. Jamie Escobar (Alumna), Ms. Abigail Valenzuela (HRMTC), Ms. Ginnie Valdez (Alumna), Ms. Edetha Balaba (Canteen), Ms. Luzviminda Ardon (HRMTC), Ms. Espie Amarante (Music Therapy), Mr. Cleofe Toribio (Music Therapy), Ms. Anne Maslog (Registrar), Mrs. Zeny Manuel (CBM), Ms. Raquel Evangelista (Guidance), Ms. Angela Deus (Alumna), Ms. Joan Alvarez (Registrar), Ms. Katrina Catacutan (Alumna), Ms. Nancy Aguila (CNAHS), Julia Andrea Aguila (BSP), Juliana Boneo (SHS), Christopher Miguel Carmona (BSP4), Sigrid Brondial (BSHM-IM 2), Celine De Jesus (BSA2), Angelica Enriquez (ABCOM), Charisse Amistad (BAEL1), Kayla Pasion (ABVDC2), Thea Galingan (BMME), Aira Pintac (BSHM-CA2), Eunice Villarosa (SPED I), Patricia Rose Ladrica (BST3), Chelsea De Luna (BSP2), Alyanna Azurin (BSBA-MM2), Lance Tai (BSNE2). Kayla Caughlin Alibusa (BSTM2), SHS-ABM2, SHS-AADT 2, SHS-St. Anthony, SHS-St. Andrew, SHS-GRADE 12-HUMSS I, SHS-GRADE 11-St. Dominic, SHS-GRADE 11-St. Blaise, SHS-St. Francis, SHS-STEM 2, SHS-STEM 3, SHS-STEM 4, SHS-STEM 5, BSP-1 (Class Of Mr. Tupaz), AB COMM 2, BSP-2, BSP Batch 2008, BSA 1, PhD Nursing Education (Chinese Students), Students from the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (CNAHS), Students from the College of Business and Management (CBM), Health Services, Guidance Services, Canteen Staff, Residence Services, and Kapisanan ng mga Guro.