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Date: May 11, 2020Posted by: Marionette Martinez

As mentioned in previous IOBs, St. Paul University Manila has been extending assistance to the Philippine General Hospital frontliners by providing housing facilities for them during this COVID crisis. Other PGH personnel who are not frontliners but have difficulties in reporting for work because of the ECQ have also been accommodated.

Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, University President, shares the agreement entered into by SPU Manila and the Philippine General Hospital:

ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY MANILA (SPU MANILA) is one with the frontliners and healthcare professionals of the PHILIPPINE GENERAL HOSPITAL (PGH) during the COVID-19 pandemic. As one of its partners, the university extends until May 24, 2020, the sharing of its lodging facilities in its campus to accommodate the health professionals assigned in both COVID and NON-COVID exposed areas so that they can rest, sleep and attend to their personal needs during their free time or off duty while working in PGH.

SPU Manila agrees to offer the following facilities:

Guests Rooms  Male or Female COVID-exposed Areas  9
3rd Floor Private Rms Female  COVID-exposed Areas  16
2nd Floor Dorm Female  Non-COVID-exposed Areas 24

Male health professionals are welcome in the Guest Rooms provided they room-in with another male colleague. Electricity, water supply, and bedding will be provided. As it has been since the first time SPU Manila offered its facilities on April 2, these will be free-of-charge during the entire duration of this agreement.

PGH agrees to give the list of names and contact numbers of the frontliners and healthcare professionals who will stay in SPU Manila for safety and monitoring purposes. The same professionals in the list of occupants for the Guests Rooms and the 3rd Floor Private rooms will remain the same during the entire duration of the accommodation. The list of healthcare professionals in the 2nd Floor dormitory may vary from week to week depending on their schedule of duty. Furthermore, PGH agrees to assign health professionals in the appropriate lodging facility depending on their duty area. This is to protect the health of the other PGH healthcare workers, the dormitory residents, and the members of the academic community of SPU Manila.

The following house rules will be observed to allow for a smooth implementation of this agreement while ensuring prevention of spreading COVID-19 in the community:

It is EXPECTED that all PGH FRONTLINERS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS staying in the SPU Manila campus will:

1. Use the PEDRO GIL GATE for their entrance to and exit from SPU Manila going to PGH or anywhere else;
2. Consent to thermo scanning upon entering the campus. In the event of elevated temperature, entry to the campus will not be allowed;
3. Use alcohol for hand sanitation before entering the campus;
4. Come inside the campus in civilian clothes. This means that they have already changed from their hospital uniforms and did self-sanitation;
5. Access the dormitory from the Pedro Gil gate through the Marie Anne de Tilly Building (South Wing), 2ND or 3rd floor using the middle stair case and the hallways designated for them. Separate doors in the 2nd and 3rd floor will serve as their entry and exit to the dormitory.
6. NOT enter or exit through the main dormitory lobby. This is solely for the students, staff, and transient boarders of the university.
7. Stay in their designated room and not walk around the campus;
8. Use a mask at all times except when they are in their rooms;
9. Provide for their own toiletries and towels;
10. Dispose of their garbage properly and follow disposal guidelines of the campus;
11. Respect the rules of the university (e.g.: dress code, silence, decorum) especially during prayer and sleeping time of the Sisters; and
12. Report to the guard-on-duty should anyone experience flu-like symptoms so proper referrals can be done.

The offer of SPU Manila to accommodate the health professionals of PGH was effective April 02 for the initial agreement, and April 06 for the second agreement. This third agreement supersedes the first two agreements and will be effective from May 3 until May 24, 2020.

SPU Manila will continue to pray for everyone’s health and safety during this time of crisis.

In Christ,        Received by  

Sr. Ma. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC  Ms. Cecilia G. Peña, RN. MAN
University President      Deputy Director, Nursing Services