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Date: September 15, 2020Posted by: Marionette Martinez

O Holy Cross of Jerusalem!

Beautiful wood on which my Lord died, to give me eternal light and free me from the contrary one, before You I humble myself and reverently implore my Lord Jesus Christ, for the sufferings that over you He received in His Most Holy Passion, that you grant me the spiritual and corporal goods that may profit my soul.

Elevated before the world you are a luminous lantern that gathers around you the Christian faithful to intone songs of glory to Christ the King, the God-Man who, being the owner of all that was created, allowed Himself to be crucified on you for the redemption of the human race.

Over you an astounding mystery for the redemption of the entire World was performed which, since then, frees the Christian from original guilt and allows him to be called son of the Eternal God and aspire for Celestial Glory.