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It is still time to celebrate Sr. Evangeline’s 60th birthday

Date: November 24, 2021Posted by: Marionette Martinez

Contributed by Jeannie Ebalo-Gutierrez

November 18, 2021 marked the 60th birthday of our University President, Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC. Unlike her usual birthdays, we made sure to have it grander and more special as she is a DIAMOND LADY this year.
Planning was made as early as September. For the stage design, we had a touch of pink as it is her favorite color, with combination of silver and gold to add glitter and a diamond effect. The party theme was “Cheers to 60 Years!” and so we gave out beer mugs as souvenirs.

The celebration started at 10:00 AM with a Thanksgiving Mass. Then everybody proceeded to the Founders Hall, where we had fun playing games, watching videos and birthday greetings for Sr. Eva, cheering the dance presentations by the Office Staff and the Sisters, and of course the special number of Dr. Sunico. He serenaded Sr. Evangeline with her favorite song, “Fill the world with love.”

Even though the event could not accommodate a bigger crowd because of the COVID health protocols, and lunch were packed and we had to chop the traditional lechon beforehand, the spirit of camaraderie still filled the Hall.

The celebration became more special with the complete attendance of the employees gathered at the venue. We were happy to see familiar faces we had been missing. Of course, we were also graced by some managers and our beloved alumni representatives, Ms. Emilie Simon and Ms. Raquel Leonio of HS Batch ’70.
Sister’s brother and sister also came, and her sister gave away raffle prizes, which added to the excitement.

Then came the highlight of the event, the “Money Cake.” This was made possible by our generous alumni, managers, and friends. We were overwhelmed with excitement and joy each time the GCash notification popped up. It brought fulfillment to our wish to give our dear President a big surprise!

I for one am sure that the best years of Sr. Evangeline’s life are still to come, and I am glad I have helped to make her 60th birthday an unforgettable one.