Perkins Twins, Janine Teñoso hype SPU Manila University Week

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Date: March 22, 2020Posted by: One Paulinian

Paulinians spent a fun and insightful afternoon with The Perkins Twins and Janine Teñoso as the artists graced the Fleur-de-lis stage with their talents and insightful comments on friendship and the challenges of being young.
The event, titled Youth Talk: 1Millenial, focused on unity among the youth despite differences. It was held on January 20, 2020, the third day of SPU Manila’s University Week.
Youth Talk: 1Millenial was hosted by the school’s very own SHS Coordinator, Mr. Francis Calilan and SPU Manila alumna, Ms. Loti Abad. The hosts enthusiastically introduced the first guests, The Perkins Twins. The twins are Jesse and Christian Perkins, Filipino-American star athletes, singers, models, and most recently, actors. The twins showed the trailer of their movie, Kaibigan, which narrates the story of two different boys navigating adolescence and making bad choices. They also used the film as a platform to give insights to the youth on how to choose friends and how to live with an appropriate mindset.
The Fleur-de-lis Theater shook as Paulinians roared with applause during the performance of the twins. They sang a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You,” further elevated by their own choreography. It was followed by a performance of their original song, “Ikaw Na,” during which the twins stepped offstage to eagerly pose for photos with the audience. Afterwards, the Out to Groove champion, Indak Mabaya, of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education set the stage on fire as they performed their winning number as intermission. The performance had Paulinians hyped up and ready for the next guest.
The second featured guest was Janine Teñoso, a singer-songwriter, who first appeared on TV as a contestant on “Born to be a Star.” She is now famously dubbed as the OST Princess, having sung numerous official soundtracks for various films. Janine serenaded the audience with her debut single, “Fall,” and her soulful renditions of well-loved OPM songs. Lights filled the auditorium as Janine ended her set with “Umibig Muli,” her latest original composition.
After the performances, the guests were seated comfortably on stage with the event coordinator, Mr. Roel V. Supendio. Students were invited to ask questions in an open forum. One particular question was asked to The Perkins Twins, “What does the word kaibigan (friend) mean to you? How significant do you think it is nowadays?” The question was asked in relation to their movie with the same title. Jesse answered, “In the word kaibigan, there is also the word ibig (love).” He elaborated by saying that a real friend loves, does what is best for his friend, and is there through the good times and the bad.
Another asked how they overcome struggles, to which Janine answered that the moment one feels lost might be the same moment that one might find clarity. She also shared her struggles with songwriting, narrating how she felt ‘empty’ for three years until finally, “Umibig Muli” came out. Artists of all kinds inside the auditorium empathized with Janine and certainly were empowered by their words of encouragement.
The two-hour long event was capped with awarding of certificates to the esteemed guests. Aside from certificates, SPU Manila also gifted them with the school’s official jackets in gratitude for sharing their talents and kind words. Paulinians were allowed a special photo opportunity with the guests, which successfully concluded the event.