Intl. Relations Office

International Relations Office and
Language Development Center (IRO-LDC)

• IRO-LDC Goals and Objectives:

* provide language learning and proficiency programs for Filipino and foreign students, professionals & other learners
* contribute to success in academic life, and professional growth
* improve career opportunities
* promote global understanding, unity and peace.

• International Students enrolled in the IRO-LDC enjoy the following:

1. Sessions on Philippine culture to make student adopt well to life in the Philippines
2. “Sit-in” as auditors/observers in designated regular English classes offered in the University
3. Free use of the Language Development Center Library
4. Internet access/computer use at the LDC
5. Attendance — by invitation — in University cultural events
  *Optional cultural visits to other places may also be arranged. These are separately charged.

• International Linkages with Universities and Research Institutions

• Language Development Center (LDC) Course Offerings

• Admission Guidelines for International Students

• General Instructions for Student Visa

      Special Study Permit (SSP)
      Conversion to Student Visa
      Conversion To Student Visa

Source: Philippine Bureau of Immigrations