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St. Paul University Manila @ 110: Goodness Overflowing

St. Paul University Manila is a wellspring of Goodness—and Truth and Beauty. This Goodness—and Truth and Beauty—is personified in the St. Paul Sisters, who outpour it to the faculty and staff, who instill it in the students, who become alumni, who share it with their families at home, their colleagues at work, their neighbors in society, their fellowmen in their country—and at times in other countries, almost to the four corners of the world.

This book, lovingly prepared for the 110th founding anniversary of St. Paul University Manila, has sought to capture this overflowing of Goodness through recollections from past Paulinians and testimonials from present ones, so that the generations of future Paulinians may realize what a rich and beautiful heritage they have—and give thanks.

St. Paul University Manila has published a coffee table book in celebration of its 110th Founding Anniversary, SPU Manila@110: Goodness Overflowing.

Those who are interested may get a copy. Please send the following details to Jeannie Gutierrez (via or to SPUM’s Marketing Office at name, email, and contact number.

Or you may fill in the Google form, with your name, email, and contact no. through the link below:

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Book Details

ISBN 978-971-9290 1-3-1
TITLE SPU Manila@110: Goodness Overflowing
PUBLISHER St. Paul University Manila
Sr. Maria Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, President
EDITOR Marionette Ocampo-Martinez
CONTRIBUTORS Corazon Sia-Crisostomo
Sr. Bernadette Racadio, SPC
Sharon Manguerra-Mahusay
LAY-OUT ARTIST Mervin Concepcion Vergara