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About St. Paul University Manila

St. Paul University Manila (also known as SPU Manila) continues to thrive and provide cutting-edge and innovative education (online) from Senior High School, College to Graduate School guided by the St. Paul System core values, and the principles of Outcomes-Based Education. We are a Catholic, private, and co-educational institution located in Manila, Philippines. The University was first established in 1912 by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC), a Congregation founded in Levesville, France in 1696.


We envision St. Paul University Manila as a Christ-centered educational institution committed to forming persons into becoming integrated, competent, and compassionate in the service of the Church and society.

Core Values

  • Christ-centeredness
  • Charity
  • Charism
  • Community
  • Commission

Life Performance Outcomes

  • Ethical, Paulinian LEADERS and PROFESSIONALS
  • Dedicated, Transformative SUPPORTERS and STEWARDS of ALL CREATION
  • Cutting-Edge Resilient VISIONARIES and INNOVATORS
  • Engaging, Trustworthy TEAM-BUILDERS and MENTORS
  • Reliable, Productive EXPERTS and IMPLEMENTERS


To zealously proclaim Jesus Christ as the Good News to all, we commit ourselves to:

  • Consistently provide integral Catholic education marked by academic excellence, research capabilities, and sustainable community development.
  • Proactively respond to the challenges, needs, and demands of a changing educational landscape.
  • Resolutely form an authentic community of disciples who pray, serve, and witness to the PERSON and MISSION of Christ.
  • Purposively manage resources in a spirit of Christian stewardship and good governance for viability and sustainability.