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Education Program


St. Paul University Manila’s Education program directs students to become secondary school teachers. The program aims to inculcate the importance of the curriculum, future educators would be empowered to provide a learning environment for the students and to continually develop themselves as professional teachers.

Paulinian educators mold each student to become creative, critical-thinkers, collaborators and communicators. Deeply ingrained in each educator are the core Paulinian values. St. Paul University Manila continues to produce educators and leaders who will make a difference in the education sector in the Philippines and all over the world.

St. Paul University Manila prepares you to become cutting-edge and innovative educators. The College of Education provides you the opportunity to grow as a professional educator in a positive and supportive online learning environment.

St. Paul University Manila offers two pathways to pursue your career in the education sector. This program comes with a straight Master’s program! After four (4) years, you earn a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree (Master of Arts in Curriculum Design, Development and Supervision).