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College of Music and the Performing Arts


St. Paul University Manila’s Music Education is hailed as a Center of Excellence. Music is an unsung power in most societies. Music resonates from ancient period to our contemporary world. St. Paul University Manila enhances the importance of music education in the formation of character, balance between body and spirit, and in healing.

Whether listening to music or making it, performing for others or for one’s own enjoyment, music has had a profound effect in our lives. The College of Music and the Performing Arts of St. Paul University Manila understands this and for more than 80 years, St. Paul University Manila’s music education program has continuously produced graduates who are both musically competent and devotedly compassionate. With its distinguished faculty, under the leadership of Dr. Raul Sunico, the College is fully committed to making our students not just an excellent musician, but the best person that they can be.

Aside from this, St. Paul University Manila Music Therapy Center is the FIRST in the Philippines to provide music therapy services for children and youth with disabilities. As such, the Center undertakes the task to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world through the unique knowledge and skill of degree holders in music therapy.