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The Wit, the Walk, and the Win!: CNAHS triumphs in search for next Paulinian Ambassador

By Kie Anna Cruz | The Paulinian | January 26, 2023

Search for Next Paulinian Ambassador

Put St. Paul University Manila back on the map!

This is every student's clamor as everyone works to reach the goal. One solution is to deliberately appoint Paulinian Ambassadors based on their personality, character, communication skills, and enthusiasm. Paulinian Ambassadors live out the five core values of SPUM education. Through their authenticity and school spirit, future Paulinians can be more connected to the University. 

The Search for the Paulinian Ambassadors was participated in by competitors from the four colleges.  The representatives of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences—Raphaelo "Gelo" F. Guiuan from BSN 1 and Josie Mari A. Dator from BSN 2—emerged victorious.

As they battled to the top, two Ws merited their big Win: 

1.    Their Wit
Wit is a form of spontaneous creativity, saying the perfect thing at the ideal time and in a manner that both surprises and delights the people who are listening. The way witty people talk and banter projects how much they primed their brains by what they read, hear, and watch. 

This was challenged during the Q&A portion of the competition. Gelo and Josie showed quick thinking and intelligence in their wit and wise-cracking answers.

Sr. Flor asked, “What is the greatest thing you learned in this pandemic times?”

Dator answerd, “The greatest thing I learned in this pandemic time is that we cannot function alone. We must build our nation together under the love and warmth of Christ. We must pave the way and walk in the truth of Christ, as well as lead with love. As [what] our dearest Sr. Eva said, we must focus on the lost, the least and the last.”
Ms. Riana Pangindian, the Miss World Philippines 1st Princess 2022, asked: “How do you think a Paulinian should respond to unfavorable remarks as a member of a Catholic institution?”

Guiuan answered, “As a Paulinian myself, I believe that responding to unreasonable remarks should always be met with peace. Because if you meet violence and add more violence, then the world would not be at peace. So as a Paulinian, [when] receiving these unreasonable remarks, [we should take it] as something positive. Something that will give us the drive. Something that will give us the step to go further. We could be better people and we could be better Paulinians.”

2.    Their Walk
The two competitors lit up the night by strutting the runway and projecting their best selves in their uniform, casual wear, and eco-friendly costume, highlighting their realness and being quintessential Paulinians. 

Carrying their college's name and work, they put out their best. They advocated "Save the Sierra Madre," which was apparent in their costumes, designed by Trisha Mae San Jose from BSN 2. With this advocacy, they checked all the 5Cs as they marched down with big smiles and proud stances. 

To get the coveted spot, they never forgot who they were, are, and will be as they showcased themselves to the whole student body. Indeed, their wit and walk merited that Win for the college and the entire University. 

It is this Win that will make St. Paul University Manila a star on the map. 

Search for Next Paulinian Ambassador   Search for Next Paulinian Ambassador   

Search for Next Paulinian Ambassador   Search for Next Paulinian Ambassador