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One Click Away!—SPU Manila launches e-library ODILO

By: Alexa Viray and Alex Adanza | The Paulinian 

Having to keep up with emerging technology and rapid advancement is difficult if you are alone.  Educators and learners seek user-friendly and easy-to-access platforms to make education less challenging. Luckily, St. Paul University Manila introduces you to the future that is only one click away!

Have you ever heard of ODILO? It is a database platform that organizes ebooks, audiobooks, and other learning resources into one place. The company is from Spain and it offers proposals to various schools, including SPUM. It is a project by the SPC Education Ministry under the ONE SPCEM project, and it has now made its way into our dear institution. 

Ms. Rowena “Weng” Cayanan, University Librarian, said that ODILO is a tool for teachers to organize resources. It is very easy to navigate and it only needs a little more effort for the user to learn more. Isn’t it too good to be true? But worry not! It’s what ODILO really offers.  To help students prepare, an orientation on ODILO was held for the college students per program in February. Ms. Weng emphasized that they aim to implement ODILO next school year because the benefits are endless.

First, this e-library allows students and other users to communicate and interact with one another. They have the option to share further knowledge and create harmony as an online community. This is also beneficial for learners who have group collaborations that involve research and the finding of trusted evidence.

Second, ODILO has an algorithm that recommends the best and most compatible content to a certain user. It suggests a different and much easier approach to locating your desired information. Imagine saving more time and effort with just a few clicks!

Third, in terms of reliability and content diversity, ODILO offers more than two million titles to help you obtain all the studies and literature that you need. Having this much material in one library aids you in achieving significant progress in reading.

Fourth, there is much to save by using ODILO. Rather than constantly purchasing traditional printed books to upgrade the library with latest editions, you have an e-library that automatically updates the title and content of the recorded copy.

Lastly, this website is an easy access for all! The entire library is accessible 24/7, which means no time and location can stop you from accomplishing your tasks. It is also available for multi-device use, ODILO’s apps are in Windows, Android, and IOS. It accommodates all lifestyles and busy schedules today.

It is so exciting that Paulinians are now introduced to ODILO, your e-library that is one click away!