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HUMSS’ “YouMeNista” returns for its third year

By: Michael Quilala | The Paulinian


In a world where STEM education often takes center stage, students from the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) track of the Senior High School Department are often overlooked and stereotyped. But the Grade 12 HUMSS students of St. Paul University Manila aim to change that narrative by showcasing what an HUMSS student can do, one post at a time.

Established in 2021, “YouMeNista,” derived from the portmanteau “You,” “Me,” and “Humanista,” is the brainchild of SPU Manila HUMSS. It aims to showcase students’ passions for literature, history, and the arts, expressed through a series of literary pieces, video presentations, and artworks, as well as Spotify playlists curated by HUMSS students, and social interactions, such as ambush interviews. It highlights the real-world applications of the humanities, from critical thinking and problem-solving to effective communication and empathy.

The project has been gaining traction since then, with students across the school and beyond sharing and engaging with the content. 

This year’s “YouMeNista” was deemed remarkable as all strands teamed up for a collaboration to highlight the ways in which humanities and art skills are valued in the workforce. Launched on March 5, the collaboration aims to showcase the fusion of art and humanities, as well as its relevance to the present times. The showcase features AADT, ABM, and STEM’s campaign jingles with an empathetic message, while HUMSS students contributed written and visual interpretations of the artworks that aim to bring the stories to life.

The “YouMeNista” project culminated in a school-wide showcase, where the students presented their work and led discussions on the importance of humanities education. The project has since been shared widely on social media, with many people praising the students for their innovative approach and dedication to breaking down stereotypes.