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Student Organizations Open Recruitment for the New Academic Year

by Jewel Kirsten Enriquez | The Paulinian

St. Paul University Manila - After a week's delay due to inclement weather, the launching of this year’s Recruitment and Advocacy Week took place on September 11, 2023, opening the recruitment for advocacy and extracurricular organizations. A short opening ceremony was held by the Supreme Student Council (SSC) to introduce the organizations and help the students decide what to sign up for.

Advocacy and Recruitment Week 2023

Photo cover by Earl David Ong | The Paulinian

The launch, hosted by Patricia Dioquino and Miaca Contemplation from the Paulinian Public Relations (PPR), formally began with opening remarks from the Overall Advocacy Champion and Head of the Community Development Center, Ms. Elvira Manalansan. Her remarks highlighted the importance of advocacy and how it is an effective tool for addressing and raising awareness of topics that are relevant today. “It’s an opportunity for you to choose which advocacy and student organization will best serve your interests,” Ms. Manalansan said, adding that a simple sign-up has a corresponding responsibility. It requires commitment but it will also ‘add color’ to the student’s life in St. Paul University Manila. She also said that organizations will contribute to the development of the students as persons and their impact on their families and communities.

After the opening remarks, a brief introduction of the advocacy and extracurricular organizations was delivered by Clarence Matthew Jimenez, the SSC Secretary. He provided an overview of the advocacy organizations: the Youth Alliance for Peace (YAP), Paulinian Environmental Society (PES), Social Participation (CDC), Readiness Efforts for Disaster Management (REDM), and SPUM Pro-Life. He also introduced the extracurricular organizations: the Paulinian Dance Troupe (PDT), the Paulinian Liturgical Animators (PLA), the Paulinian Debate Society (DebSoc), the Paulinian Public Relations (PPR), the Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC), the Paulinian Shutters Club, SPU Manila Chorale, The Paulinian (TP), Tanghalang St. Paul (TP), and the return of the Athletics Team.

Following this, the ribbon-cutting ceremony formally opened this year’s Recruitment Week. The cutting was led by Ms. Manalansan and Dr. Mary Grace Leongson, Vice President for Academics and Research, together with this year’s advocacy champions.

Advocacy and Recruitment Week 2023

Photo by Earl David Ong | The Paulinian

Left to right: Ms. Rowena Cayanan, University Librarian; Dr. Mary Grace Leongson, Vice President for Academics and Research; Ms. Elvira Manalansan, Overall Advocacy Champion; Ms. Marjiemae Lorenzo, Head of the Student Affairs Office; Ms. Rosalle Dizon, Moderator of the Paulinian Public Relations, and Mr. Ajocrivipor Agojo, Peace Advocacy Champion

A short presentation by the advocacy organization representatives followed the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Angelica Magno represented YAP, the official Peer Facilitators and Peace Advocacy group of SPU Manila. Sophia Perez from the College of Arts and Sciences presented PES, which advocates the welfare of the environment, as well as transforming the students into Paulinian leaders for those who have no voice of their own. Scott Rivera introduced REDM’s mission to enforce student and employee-led efforts to promote a community of safety and prevent disaster. Raphaelo Guiuan represented SPUM Pro-Life, which serves as the voice of the unheard and advocates respect for and protection of human life in all its stages. Lastly, Juvin Casanova introduced the advocacy on Social Participation, which provides an opportunity to directly involve students in serving the marginalized in and outside the University.

After the advocacy groups, representatives from the extracurricular organizations presented their organizations as the students followed them to their booths. PDT was introduced as the official dance organization of the university. TSP representatives introduced their organization as a safe space for creatives to showcase their theater talents and give voices to those in need. Next followed PPR, an organization that provides the members with a medium for self-expression and creativity through communication skills. The SPU Manila Chorale followed and welcomed students who are passionate about music and love creating melodies. Next was PLA, a religious organization that takes part in groups espousing faith-based objectives. The Paulinian Shutters Club offered a platform for students to express their individuality and creativity through forms of visual art and photography. RCYC then introduced their organization that recognizes the need to develop the spirit of humanitarianism among the youth through constructive training and effective leadership. Next, The Paulinian was introduced as the official student publication of St. Paul University Manila. TP, which has been standing for 96 years, promised to continue being the movers of the youth and the pillars of the truth. Also, members of the Editorial Board distributed copies of previous publications. Lastly, the Athletics Team (Varsity) promoted team coordination and good sportsmanship that foster Paulinian core values.

The Recruitment and Advocacy Week 2023 lasted until September 15, 2023.

Advocacy and Recruitment Week 2023

Photo by Enrico Cabalfin | The Paulinian