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TP Attends CMFR’s Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar 2023

By Jewel Enriquez | The Paulinian

TP Attends CMFR’s Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar 2023

Photo from CMFR | Facebook

MAKATI, Philippines - On October 19, 2023, selected staff members of The Paulinian (TP) participated in the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility’s (CMFR) Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar and the presentation of the Marshall McLuhan Fellow and CMFR’s Award of Distinction. The TP staffers who participated in the seminar were Jewel Kirsten Enriquez (Managing Editor), Clarence Matthew Jimenez (Staffer, Creatives Department), and Precious Chyll Cabigan (Staffer, Creatives Department).

The event was hosted by CMFR’s founder and executive director, Ms. Melinda Quintos de Jesus. Ms. De Jesus welcomed everyone to the first in-person JVO Journalism Seminar since 2019. It had two parts:  a panel discussion and open forum and the presentation of the Marshall McLuhan Fellow and CMFR’s Award of Distinction.

In her opening remarks, Ms. de Jesus introduced the CMFR as a program designed in 1990 to encourage in-depth reporting and investigation of stories that those in power may prefer to keep secret. She emphasized the importance of reviving this kind of journalism after the period of Martial Law because “the country had just then experienced a lengthy period of controlled news and information.” She later said that the program was expanded to recognize and award investigative and explanatory reports that enable people to understand the complexities in the field of journalism.

“Therefore, we had to decide that it was time to acknowledge the different kinds of reporting and the value of different kinds of journalism because that is what it is about.”

Melinda de Jesus, CMFR Founder and Executive Director.

She then introduced a panel of five journalists from television and online news sites who have done exemplary work over the past year: Christina Chi from, Katrina Domingo and Mike Navallo from ABS-CBN News, and Jodesz Gavilan and Bonz Magsambol from Rappler. Aside from being on the panel, they also joined the roster of Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Fellows.

After the introduction, the panel discussion immediately started. The questions that were asked by Ms. de Jesus were mostly concerns about modern media, news platforms, and the news environment. In the open forum, people from the audience, including students and faculty from various institutions around Metro Manila, asked the panelists challenging questions.

After the discussion, the head of the Political and Public Affairs of the Embassy of Canada to the Philippines, Hon. Colin Townson, bestowed the Marshall McLuhan Fellow for 2023 to Jodesz Gavilan of Rappler. The CMFR then presented the Award of Distinction and a check of PHP 50,000.00 to Mike Navallo from ABS-CBN News in recognition of his work.

“The Jamie V. Ongpin Seminar was an eye-opener for young journalists like me. It had inspiring sessions in which journalism aspirants from different schools were encouraged and motivated to continue doing what is right. As a staffer of The Paulinian, this seminar provided me with things that I should know not only about campus journalism but also about journalism as a whole. The panelists’ level of experience and knowledge were above par and they answered questions with conviction. Truly, as it is a memorial for the late Jamie V. Ongpin, journalism doesn't end in the campus; it doesn't end at all. As long there is oppression and news about it that needs to be disseminated and published, it has to be journalism.”

Clarence Matthew Jimenez, Creatives Department

“The Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar is actually the very first seminar I’ve attended outside school premises. Though my position in The Paulinian doesn’t really involve writing, it was still very helpful and insightful, especially for someone like me, pursuing a media-related course. Journalism is indeed powerful for it serves as the foundation of the public’s perception on many issues.”

Precious Chyll Cabigan, Creatives Department

“As a student journalist, being able to attend the Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar is truly a great honor. The panelists they invited gave a lot of insights into what it was really like to work in the journalism field and how important it is to fight for what is right and just, especially during these times when corruption is found everywhere. We must not allow investigative journalism to fade away today because it gives the public insights that conventional media may overlook and it casts light on social issues.”

Jewel Kirsten Enriquez, Managing Editor


TP Attends CMFR’s Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar 2023

Photo from Precious Chyll Cabigan | The Paulinian