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SPU Manila’s Paulinian Student Government Officers Attend Multilateral Meeting 2023

by Jewel Enriquez | The Paulinian

SPU Manila’s Paulinian Student Government Officers Attend Multilateral Meeting 2023

Photo by Juvin Casanova | The Paulinian

Left to Right: Kyle Matthew Ronquillo (Adamson University), Kyanna Therese Payong (Adamson University), Adrian Jullan Lignes (Adamson University), Clarence Matthew Jimenez (SPU Manila), Jewel Kirsten Enriquez (SPU Manila), Juvin Casanova (SPU Manila)

ADAMSON UNIVERSITY - On November 30, 2023, selected SPU Manila Paulinian Student Government (PSG) officers attended the Multilateral Meeting 2023 at Adamson University with the theme: “Fortifying Progressive Leadership and Transcending through Resourceful Means”. The officers who participated in the event were Clarence Jimenez (SSC Secretary), Juvin Casanova (SSC Public Relations Officer), and Jewel Enriquez (College of Arts and Sciences Secretary).

Organized by the Adamson University Student Government (AUSG), the meeting was also attended by selected officers of the College Student Council of St. Scholastica’s College Manila, University Student Council of the Philippine Women’s University Manila, and University Student Council of the University of the Philippines Manila. 

AUSG Vice President-Internal, Kyle Matthew Ronquillo, opened the event with his remarks: “May this multilateral meeting be a fruitful and inspiring experience for all, paving the way for a future marked by unity, progress, and the collaborative empowerment of our student bodies.”

After the opening remarks, the program continued with the presentation by each student council of their advocacies, the best practices they follow in school, and the programs that they have orchestrated for the betterment of their respective student communities.

Following the presentations, a Question-and-Answer portion was held, regarding specific practices and advocacies highlighted by the participants. Through this exchange, the student leaders got ideas of programs they can undertake in their own schools.

The afternoon session started with the student council representatives signing the Memorandum of Agreement, which contained the discussed best practices of the participating schools on a wide range of student and scholastic concerns. This was followed by an intermission number by the Adamson University’s Student Music Organization, HIMIG.

Before the program concluded, the president/representative of each student government gave an outro speech, expressing gratitude for having been invited to the Multilateral Meeting and thanking the Adamson University Student Government for organizing an event that was able to establish beneficial partnerships for social and human resource development, as well as collective student participation and movement to support one another as fellow student leaders. The Awarding of Certificates and photo opportunities followed, and before all delegates left the venue, the AUSG gave them a tour around the campus.