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Beyond the Dance Floor: Move It, Groove It for a Cause '23

by Ysabelle Jimenez and Earl David Ong | The Paulinian

Beyond the Dance Floor: Move It, Groove It for a Cause '23


ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY MANILA – Move It, Groove It for a Cause '23 (MGC 23) transcended the realm of dance to become a vibrant platform of unity, talent, and social responsibility. Held at the Fleur-de-lis Theater on December 2, this charity dance competition more than just showcased rhythmic moves; it brought together students from various schools, emphasizing the importance of contributing to meaningful causes. Aligned with St. Paul University Manila's commitment to holistic education, MGC 23 proved that dance can be a powerful force for positive change.


The energy on the dance floor soared as the Paulinian Dance Troupe (PDT) set the stage ablaze with their flawless synchronization and dynamic choreography. Daniel "Mentor" Laudit and Honey Delica, popular TikTok stars, added excitement as they officially opened the event and outlined the judging standards, focusing on professional skill, originality, synchronicity, and overall performance.


The panel of judges, featuring experienced dance educator, Ms. Kathryna Turo; renowned choreographer, Mr. Chael Ablaza; and influential dance community figure, Ms. April Tamon, elevated the competition's prestige. Their helpful remarks emphasized the importance of passion, creativity, and purpose in each performance, inspiring the competing teams to deliver their best.


The dance competition showcased a variety of talents, starting with the high-energy performance of Sta. Clara Parish School (SCPS) Dance Troupe. ALPHADANZA from MCA Montessori School followed with a distinct blend of originality and appeal, while The Perps from Perpetual Help College of Manila presented a routine characterized by grace and perfection.


The competition reached new heights with the performance of AUDC from Adamson University, displaying versatility, inventiveness, and a deep connection to the music. PHINMA St. Jude College Undefined Crew added a special touch with a perfect balance of originality and pure emotion, while FEUSED by Far Eastern University-Alabang created a symphony of movement with balance and rhythm.


After the energetic performances, a well-deserved break allowed performers to rest, and judges to carefully complete their evaluations.


Certificates were awarded to the judges, acknowledging their valuable contributions, and the hosts expressed gratitude to the sponsors for their generous support. A certificate of appreciation and participation was presented to each dance group, adding a personal touch of recognition for their efforts.


Special awards, including People's Choice, Best in Costume, Best in Choreography, and Best Dancer, added an extra layer of excitement. The Perps won the People's Choice Award, while AUDC secured double recognition for Best in Costume and Best in Choreography. Mr. Neil Ivan Pontejos of PHINMA St. Jude College (The Undefined Crew) earned the title of Best Dancer.


The much-anticipated major awards revealed Perpetual Help College of Manila as the third runner-up, MCA Montessori School as the second runner-up, and PHINMA St. Jude College as the first runner-up. Adamson University, which captivated the audience with its choreography and performance, claimed the grand prize.


Beyond the glittering awards and electrifying performances, MGC 23 underscored the importance of community service and unity. The night became a memorable celebration of shared achievements, school-to-school bonding, and the collective impact of dancing for a cause. As the curtains closed on this vibrant show, the echoes of laughter, cheers, and rhythmic beats lingered, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of everyone involved.