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Cheers and jeers hype Kantiyawan 2023

By: Alexa Viray and Trinity Pauline Pablo | The Paulinian | February 3, 2023

Kantiyawan 2023

The annual University Week of SPU Manila had come to an end. With the event running on from January 25 to January 27, it was really bitin! Luckily, Paulinians were surprised that Kantiyawan finally made its comeback! It was an energetic music-filled event that made the audience dance in their seats! After two years of online setup, it was back, face-to-face, and ready to make you dance, jive, and have the time of your life. 

But before everything else, what exactly is Kantiyawan? 

Kantiyawan is a special show that occurs every two years—marking the end of SPU Manila’s iconic University Week. It is filled with music, songs, and dances performed by none other than the school’s academic and non-academic staff, who wholeheartedly prepare their own steps and voices for the students to enjoy! 

This year’s show, with the theme, “A Century, A Decade, and A Year,” was directed by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Lourna V. Tagay, The show exhibited the evolution of music through various performances of different genres and styles, accompanied by a single, sparkling disco ball that set the dancing mood on stage. 

Before the show started, a special performance for the front act was executed by AB Communication 3. “Kinky Boots” was a creative way to hype the audiences! 

Kantiyawan 2023

The director of the event spoke before the audience. Her message was filled with wisdom and enthusiasm for all the Paulinians and upcoming performers. The show continued with all the faculty and employees dancing to the stage. Even from a far seat, you could see their smiles reaching the ceiling of the Fleur-de-lis Theatre. Screams and cheers were heard everywhere as it gave the Paulinians a glimpse of what would happen that evening.

This was followed by a performance by the non-academic staff to the song, “Caribbean Disco Show.” The rhythmic beats fit the disco ball in the center. Their flowing skirts and hats were definitely bonus points for the Paulinians to enjoy!

The audience cheered as the show continued with an enticing performance of “Mambo Italiano.” The academic staff sported classy dark attires and sparkling jewelry that fit the elegant mambo tune. The number was followed by an energetic performance of “Papaya” that definitely had everyone dancing along with the song. 

Loud applause, cheers, and whistles from the audience echoed through the auditorium as soon as the Senior High School Faculty entered the stage with matching scarves and colorful outfits. Their upbeat jive performance to Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” was followed by a line dance to the beat of the song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”  They had fun duo-trio dance steps that showcased each performer’s creativeness and talent before they exited the stage in a conga line. 

But of course, Kantiyawan is not only about groovy dance steps but also about smooth and melodic voices of the performers, one being Ms. Jeannie Gutierrez with her rendition of “Kiss Me, Kiss Me” that had everyone floating in a trance. Her performance was immediately followed by Ms. Judith Alderete’s alluring voice as she sang “There’s A Kind of Hush,” that was paired with a dance number from the academic staff. 

Kantiyawan 2023

From calm and serene, the auditorium’s energy surged again as the next performances had everyone up in their seats and cheering like there was no tomorrow. The non-academic staff delivered an energetic “Grease” and “Summer Nights” performance with leather jackets, flowing skirts, and undeniable charisma that made the audience swoon. The hype continued with “Locomotion” and “Twist and Shout” as the performers graced the stage with ’70s/’80s outfits and dangling jewelry. 

Kantiyawan 2023

Kantiyawan neared its end as all performers came out for the closing number with a song that was shown as a teaser on January 27 to close the three-day event. The crowd sang and danced along with the Tiktok dance craze “See Tình.” The audience gave their all as they saw the people they meet along the corridors and in the classrooms jive with the music. The performance’s easy and trendy dance steps made it easier for Paulinians to follow along! 

As the closing act ended, performers for every act came up to the front of the stage for the curtain call, each of them having their unique bow that showcased dance steps from their performances! 

The show culminated with closing remarks from the University President, Sr. Ma. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, who praised the performers for the successful show. With that, she officially closed the Kantiyawan and St. Paul University Manila’s University Week 2023. 

Rhis year’s Kantiyawan indeed opened and closed with a bang—from the captivating Kinky Boots front act to the upbeat See Tinh dance, the hype stayed and raised the roof! It was indeed the comeback that everyone had been waiting for!

And with that, the curtains officially closed—marking the end of Kantiyawan and SPUM’s University Week 2023. See you next year, Paulinians! Make sure to dance along again with us!

Kantiyawan 2023