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Look, a New Look! SPU Manila Campus Gets a Makeover

By: Keizha Acosta | The Paulinian

St. Paul University Manila is getting a new look! Well, kind of. Students may have noticed the evident scaffolding all over the campus and thought “I wonder what’s being done.” If you are one of those students, you will be pleased to know that the school is being installed with glass markers and being repainted! 

Campus Makeover

In an interview, Sr. Flor Deza, Director, International Relations and Language Development Center at St. Paul University Manila, shared that the changes being done is an “improvement of the old’” as the school has been standing for decades and can be considered quite outdated. It is no doubt that the establishment needs some sprucing up. Sr. Flor emphasized that the minor changes being done in the school are for the sake of the students, adding that the new look will provide a better ambiance and a more conducive learning environment.  

“If your house is clean, if the furniture is well-arranged, everything is in order, you would be happy to live in your home,” Sister Flor said in an analogy of well-kept spaces providing positive emotions. She added, “...if the physical ambiance is pleasant and beautiful, there is a feeling of peace, [feeling of] satisfaction, [feeling of] well-being in the hearts of those who are in the place.” She also expressed that the school’s new and fresh look can help students feel more productive and be more motivated to learn. 

The project is being handled by Sr. Maria Vicenta Estrella, SPC, Vice President for Finance and General Services, and of course, the University President, Sr. Ma. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC. It is definitely exciting to imagine what the school would look like once the repainting is done. Changes may seem minor, but it is great to see the school’s initiative in taking care of their students and making sure they have the most productive and pleasant learning experiences. 

Here are some photos of the school’s ongoing makeover:

Campus Makeover

Campus MakeoverCampus MakeoverCampus MakeoverCampus MakeoverCampus Makeover