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Synodal and Transformative Paulinian Education: Welcoming Senior High School and College Students in a New Academic Journey

by Earl David Ong and Sydney Leila Reyes | The Paulinian

Holy Spirit Mass at the FDL Auditorium

Photo cover from St. Paul University Manila Facebook Page

ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY MANILA - On August 15, 2023, Feast of the Assumption, the St. Paul University Manila Community formally opened the academic year 2023-2024 with a Holy Spirit Mass, presided over by Rev. Fr. Jude Genovia, SSC. The administration, faculty, staff, and students were blessed through the invocation of the Holy Spirit. Members of the Paulinian community of St. Paul University Iloilo were also present.

Also integrated into the celebration was the blessing and sending off of the new SPU Manila Psychometricians, who passed the Licensure Board Examinations with a 100% passing rate, and their mentors.

After the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, a short program was hosted by the Paulinian Student Government (PSG). Trivia games about SPU Manila and the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) were conducted by the Head of the Public Relations and Marketing Office, Ms. Francesca Faylona. The PSG and the Paulinian Dance Troupe (PDT) rendered intermission numbers for the members of the community. Subsequently, the Senior High School and College Departments participated in their respective programs.

The SHS students were asked to prepare for their get-together “PAULarong Pinoy” organized by the SHS faculty. The PAULarong Paulino was an activity to promote camaraderie and solidarity in the Senior High School Department. Simultaneously, it was held in honor of “Buwan ng Wika,” celebrating Filipino culture and language. Prior to this event, PAUL Lite, the official SHS Facebook page of St. Paul University Manila, held a Display Picture Frame event with the caption: "Sa taong ito, Agosto ko'ng kasama ang aking kapwa Paulino!"

The officers of the College Student Councils brought their respective freshmen on a campus tour. The freshmen got a chance to tour the offices and laboratories relevant to their concerns and academics. The conclusion of their tour was a visit to the Paulinian Center for Culture and Heritage and the Chapel of the Crucified Christ.

Froshies at the Paulinian Center for Culture and Heritage

SHS Department’s PAULarong Paulino

Students and faculty members assembled at the quadrangle after their lunch break. The students were organized into groups named after the Filipino words for colors, such as "kahel," "luntian," "kayumanggi," and "itim." The newly elected student trustees of each section were tasked to guide and lead the groups throughout the event. Paulinians were challenged to earn points for each game. They would then be ranked according to their score and given prizes as recognition for their team effort.

The day started with a prayer led by Mr. Maynard Cornejo. The initial game centered around the task of formulating a team cheer with a Filipino theme. The groups were randomly called and would then take turns performing their cheer in front. Some groups chose to create their own adaptation of popular Filipino songs, while others composed cheers on the spot. With their matching choreographies and team formations, it was an icebreaker that acquainted the members with one another. The “Buwan ng Wika” theme was further integrated into the event through other games that referenced Filipino Pop Culture. "Luha" by Aegis was the song of choice for Finish the Lyric. The traditional Filipino game, “Doctor Kwak Kwak’” required students to untangle their teammates as fast as possible. The iconic sack race, coined "Karera ng Sako" was the final game of the day, challenging Paulinians to harness their athletic abilities.

The day ended with an awarding ceremony, honoring Team Kayumanggi as the highest scorers of the event. All groups were given prizes and a photo opportunity. Documentation of this event can be viewed on PAUL Lite's official Facebook Page (

Freshmen Orientation

Later in the afternoon, the freshmen convened in the University Library for an overview of SPU Manila departments and the role of each in their initial college experience. Ms. Mary Bernadette Morado, University Registrar, discussed the role and function of her office, including the requirements for academic distinctions. Ms. Rowena Cayanan, University Librarian, along with her team, talked on navigating the library's resources, including a demonstration of digital platforms like ODILO and Web OPAC. Following library services was a brief presentation of computer laboratory policies and the role of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Office by Mr. Julius Riogelon.

Froshies at the University Library after their orientation

The orientation culminated with a photo opportunity for the freshmen students.

SHS Students after their PAULarong Pinoy in front of the Chapel of the Crucified Christ