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Environmental Stewardship

The Environmental Stewardship Advocacy of St Paul University Manila works through the Paulinian Environmental Society, an extracurricular organization that encourages students, faculty, staff, and administration to become part of. The Paulinian Environmental Society is an organization that advocates good stewardship of the environment and embodies Paulinian attitudes and values, especially in caring for God’s creation.

Its goal is to care and save Mother Earth, primarily to minimize the impact of global warming and climate change and to protect the integrity of creation. As responsible stewards of creation, Paulinians strive to understand, develop, and apply forms of learning that will contribute to sustainable futures for our planet, its environments, and its people. We are challenged to intensify this vocation as God’s stewards by our social and personal actions and ways of thinking about the world, which lead to ethical, empowered, and personally fulfilled individuals; to Christian communities built on collaborative engagement; to social systems that are participatory, transparent, and just; to environmental practices that value and sustain biodiversity and life-supporting ecological processes.