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SHS’ ABM pioneers project ‘MonoPAULy’

By: Anne Gabrielle V. Mangali | The Paulinian


For the first time, the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand students of SPU Manila launched MonoPAULy, a project that “aims to equip the students of today with a wide variety of knowledge in the rich industry of finances, marketing, economics, business, and more.”

The name is a wordplay between the term, “monopoly” and the University’s Patron, St. Paul. According to the post on their official Facebook page, while the term monopoly speaks of exclusivity, ABM’s ‘MonoPAULy’ is the complete opposite. The project is said to focus on spreading knowledge through an “all to all” branding. It is meant to show inclusivity as it will embody the Paulinian core values and teachings in upcoming projects and contents.

As of this writing, the group has started the project with ‘TESTIMonday!’—a series of content posted every Monday containing testimonies from the ABM students about their experiences as students of the said academic track in SPUM. 

The ABM students soft-launched the project on April 1 through a teaser video, and officially, on April 11. MonoPAULy is one of the strand’s biggest projects of the said SHS track since the establishment of the Senior High School Department in the University seven years ago.